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My husband and myself moved on 70 acres, so I needed a hobby. I checked into making candles, tested candle waxes, paraffin wax, soy wax, soy and paraffin wax, enchanted candle wax, just about all the candle waxes on the market. Boy what a mess that was, and the fragrance oil and jar candles that went into the trash, I could just see money going into the trash can. And to be honest my very first candle I made was with palm wax and it turned out perfect. But there was a big draw back to using palm wax. It is absolutely beautiful when you are finished with your product. It is a hard wax, which I prefer then and now. So it can take 3 ounces of oil per pound. Which is expensive to use that much oil. But the wax I use will not take less then 3 ounces. I made my first palm wax jar candle and love it. My friends, family, and colleagues went crazy over the scent fragrance throw and the unique, very elegant design of the candles. The company I bought my wax from wanted to know how I got the wax to do well in a jar, they tried it as well, and there candles did not look like ours. Plus they didn’t continue to make the palm wax in a jar because it was to expensive to make..Three ounces of oil is a lot of oil considering that paraffin wax, soy wax can not take very much oil. Most of the candles today that are bought from high dollar stores and online stores use only 1/2 to and ounce of fragrance oil. We tried all soy candles, but actually I can’t stand the smell of soy wax, the wax has an odor. A company that manufacturers candles can use soy wax and say that it is environmentally friendly and does not cause reactions in people with asthma or other respiratory and allergy related conditions is not always true. A candle only needs to be 25% soy wax to be considered a soy wax candle. Most companies use paraffin and soy together to cut their cost in making the candles. You have to use additives to your product if you make candles with all soy candles, which we can’t add any additives to our wax due to the fact that it will change the unique design in our product. Which that is one of the reasons that our customers love our candles, plus the big factor is that they are clean burning, no soot (if you burn your candle correctly) all natural, no additives, and environmentally friendly and on top of that they are very well scented. So you get a beautiful candle product, and with a fantastic scent throw. Our customers wanted the Palm Wax, Clean, environmentally friendly, plus a beautiful product. We have customers who have been regular customers since 2000.   Always come back to us.

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