Chunky Melts & Wax Melts

Best Wax Melts Since 1999!


Wax Melts/Tarts – Our melts come in a clear package. There are other options for melts. Triple Scented Melts, Scented Candles, Chunky Tarts.Read our review on Candlefind!

Our super scented wax melts have stronger, longer lasting scent, and contain no petroleum like regular scented melts. KayLoma tarts will fill any room with fragrance. We suggest single tart if you are a new customer, ordering singles gives you an idea first hand on how our products burn and smell. Our melts are all hand poured at the time of your order.  We have many different scents to choose from our list. 

KayLoma Chunky Melts and Wax Melts are awesome! Business since 1999!

You receive 64 Chunky Melts, 1 pound & 4 ounces for $24.99




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